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PLAYbook Dr. Terrie Rose
PLAYbook Dr. Terrie Rose


An Everyday Curriculum for Infants and Toddlers

PLAYbook translates the most current research and best-practice strategies into predictable daily activities. And it is aligned with early learning standards and assessment systems! 

PLAYbook organizes your classroom and your child care center. It provides everything you need. Relationships are at the heart of every activity. The structure inspires you, and every teacher, to be your best. Every child will begin life with a love for learning and the confidence to succeed.

Emotional Readiness Dr. Terrie Ros

Emotional Readiness: How Early Experience and Mental Health Predict School Success

Emotional Readiness is a richly detailed and practical guide to understanding early childhood development with direct action implications for pediatricians, educators, community leaders, parents and policymakers. Dr. Terrie Rose changes our understanding of early childhood by helping us see from the baby’s point of view. By connecting research on brain development with the critical roles of parents, child health, mental health and community support, she raises our awareness and understanding of the needs of the developing child. Emotional Readiness provides to parents, providers and communities the knowledge and practical strategies for raising emotionally healthy children who are ready to succeed in school and in life.

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