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Growing Awareness | Investing in the Emotional Wellbeing of Adults.

As a psychologist, I believe that racial justice and well-being are at the heart of creating a world where every child flourishes and becomes a productive citizen.

Taking care of ourselves so that we can take care of others makes sense. Yet, our work and families often leave little space to tend to our own wellbeing.  

Growing Awareness & Self Compassion workshops teach skills to open awareness, practice kind intention, meet stress with compassion, and build resilience.  We learn about the impact of stress and trauma on the brain and behavior. We nurture actions rather than reactions. Growing Awareness guides us in building healthier relationships with our children, family, co-workers, community, and ourselves. 

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Growing Awareness Testimonials

"What changed for me is my awareness of how often I judge people and events, and it's automatic, so it comes up all the time!" 

- Ken, Program Director


Professional Development for Teams

Growing Awareness workshops are terrific opportunities for work teams to build knowledge, self-compassion, and resilience. By learning the practices together, your team is better equipped to meet stress with empathy and compassion. The workshop develops self-awareness, acceptance, and gratitude. The knowledge, skills, and activities build healthier relationships within ourselves, with our clients or children, and our communities. 

While these workshops enhance all kinds of teams, Dr. Terrie Rose's experience enhances the experiences for childcare, parenting services, public health, schools, pediatric settings, and mental health organizations. 

Please contact me to discuss a custom program for your team. 

Professional Development Testimonials

"Terrie has worked with our team using the group awareness approach for 9 months now and it has been a wonderful experience!  Terrie is a gentle facilitator that gets right to the heart of the matter in a direct and open way.  This approach has led to some new insights for me and how I interact with my team and my clients.  I highly recommend this practice for any team looking to increase their wellbeing, together and individually." 

- Darla, Public Health Nurse

For more information contact Dr. Terrie Rose at
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