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September 19, 2018

Writing is a struggle. There is nothing in the process of putting thoughts onto paper (or in this case, typing into a computer document) that comes naturally to me.  Ideas, metaphors, and stories float effortlessly in my mind. But the flip-flops of my stomach signal the challenge of culling my thoughts into orderly words with proper punctuation and engaging prose.

Through high school and college, I relied on my math skills and excellent multiple-choice test-taking abilities to achieve top grades....

August 14, 2018

There is a new rule in our house for our granddaughter: the pacifier stays in the crib. At 18 months of age, this is a significant separation. She wakes from a nap and while she can get out of the crib, the "nu-nu" can't.

It's developmental irony; her comfort object now is unavailable when she needs self-soothing.

At first, we tried to help her with this transition by using a variety of distractions.

"Do you want to.... read a book?...play with the dog?...go for a walk?  Offers for food, toys, and...

June 29, 2018

Earlier this week, as I walked towards the boarding gate for my Atlanta-bound flight, a man faced the oncoming crowd. His bold posture and position drew my attention. As I read the silk-screened phrase across the front of his shirt, my surroundings began to fade as my gaze fixated on the words, "Hate Keeps Me Warm."

My internal dialogue fired rapidly. Thoughts bounced from imagined reasons and possible alternative rational for why he would wear the shirt. I noticed his tattooed arms inscribed wit...

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