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About Dr. Terrie Rose

Dr. Terrie Rose is a licensed psychologist who earned her Ph.D. at the University of Minnesota. She is a national speaker in the areas of child development, mindful well-being, childcare, mental health, and parent engagement. She is the author of Emotional Readiness and PLAYbook, a comprehensive childcare curriculum for very young children and families.

Dr. Terrie Rose's Specialties


Dr. Rose is a licensed child psychologist with 30 years of experience in professional and program development. Her most recent offering is Growing Awareness, a program that supports the wellbeing of professionals working with children and families. As a life-long learner, Dr. Rose continues to study trauma-sensitive mindfulness, interpersonal neurobiology, and anti-racism. 

Racial Justice Ally

Terrie believes that racial justice is at the heart of creating a world where every child flourishes and becomes a productive citizen. She is currently working with her community to dismantle systemic racism and the generational impact of trauma and oppression. 

Social Entrepreneur 

In 1999, Terrie opened the doors to Baby's Space, a birth to 3rd-grade child development center located in the heart of Minneapolis's urban Indigenous community. Recognized for her dedication to creating solutions to problems impacting young children, Terrie is an Ashoka Fellow, Harris Fellow with the national organization Zero to Three, and a recipient of the National Child Labor Committee's Lewis Hines Award for child advocates.

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