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Hi, I'm Dr. Terrie Rose


Like you, I want to support a world in which every child thrives and grows up to be a contributing member of the community. My three decades of experience taught me much. I have toiled in the trenches as a parent, speaker, writer and social entrepreneur. Now as a grandparent, and wellbeing advocate, my work continues to evolve. 


My newest adventure, Growing Awareness, is professional development workshop for you - the nurturer of children, families, and organizations. It is inspired by the fields of interpersonal neurobiology, trauma-sensitive practices, and my wellbeing journey. 

"What makes Terrie’s work so important is how rarely childcare environments actually meet children’s needs...Terrie has been helping grown-ups shift their mindsets to find themselves in spaces from the child’s perspective."

Jill Vialet, Playworks CEO & Founder

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Looking for solutions to the entrenched achievement gap for children in poverty, Dr. Terrie Rose sees the path of success through the eyes of babies. Her talks detail the roles of adults in the development of young children. 

Taking care of ourselves so that we can take care of others makes sense. Yet, our work and families often leave little space to tend to our own wellbeing.  Are you ready to take care of yourself by changing your mind?

Ever wonder how a child development expert might handle a difficult situation. Read Dr. Terrie Rose's blog posts for down to earth tips and everyday events as a human and grandparent.