Keynote Speaker

Dr. Terrie Rose on TEDxTC

Dr. Terrie Rose delivers motivating and inspiring keynotes to urge meaningful outcomes for children and families. She is the perfect balance between energizing and practical; engaging and result-focused; heartfelt and impactful. As a child development expert, author, social entrepreneur, and grandmother, Terrie combines real-world experience with research to help adults see and act from the baby’s point of view. Every talk is customized to drive the biggest possible impact, combining engaging stories, knowledge, and practical techniques. Dr. Rose encourages audiences to create communities in which every child develops the intellectual skills, creativity, spiritual practices, and wellbeing required to become a productive adult who gives back to the world.

Dr. Terrie Rose, Early Childhood Development expert

  • Emotional Readiness
  • What Adults Need to Support Children’s Wellbeing
  • What, Why, and How of Child Development
  • Impact of Trauma
  • Maternal Mental Health: Mom’s & Baby’s Point of Views
  • Building Awareness, Compassion, and Connection

Growing Awareness

Dr. Rose knows what it means to have dedicated your personal and professional life to making the world abetter place for others. But often, as educators, leaders, parents, healthcare providers, and home visitors, the journey leaves little time or space for tending to our own emotional development. By taking care of us from the inside, we can unhinge from self-judgment, stress, and patterns that no longer serve our best interest. Understanding how our heart, mind, and body experience each moment is the best way to achieve our goals and a better world.

Growing Awareness is a guided experience of self-discovery towards trust in being well in the present moment. Through a series of skills woven together from ancient practices and real experience, you will experience effective methods for breaking self-limiting patterns and habits. These sessions happen in the presence of community – others who are conducting their intrapersonal journeys of self-awareness.

Responses from participants:

  • “Before the group, I struggled with the notion of ‘stillness’ and just ‘being’ without constantly measuring my worth with outward signals of productivity.”
  • “I have become aware of the load and have decided it’s not all mine to carry.”
  • “I noticed that when my heart filled my body, it had pieces missing.”
  • “I became aware that I can be emotional and a leader. Both things are true.”
  • “What changed for me is my awareness of how often I judge people and events, and it’s automatic, so it comes up all the time!”

I’m so glad you’ve come this far, and I hope this is just the beginning of an incredible journey towards a healthier and energized presence. Please contact Terrie about future retreats.


Reading Together

Dr. Terrie Rose Emotional Readiness Book

Use Dr. Rose’s book to create a book club based on Emotional Readiness: How Early Experience and Mental Health Predict School Success. By reading together, you can create a culture of sharing and professional dialogue to better support children and families and how you can make a difference in the classroom, home, or work setting.




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