PLAYbook Curriculum Tour

PLAYbook infant and toddler curriculum provides everything teachers and directors need for a successful and high-quality full-year, full-day program. Lesson plans, developmentally appropriate activities, read-aloud books, and parent engagement activities are included with step-by-step instructions. PLAYbook provides what you need to take your classroom and center to the next level.


Getting Started instruction book for PLAYbook curriculumPLAYbook provides easy-to-follow instructions throughout each day, week and month. The Getting Started booklet outlines the important elements throughout the curriculum: activities, day planning, parent communications, student portfolios and more.

Icons easily identify teacher tips, developmental milestones, material specific to infant or toddler.

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Curriculum Elements

PLAYbook monthly curriculum cover

For Teachers

Helpful teacher tips are found through PLAYbook

  • Monthly Topics »
    Provide professional development that focuses on strengthening teachers’ understanding of development and abilities to promote secure attachment relationships, emotional regulation, and learning.
  • Teacher Tips »
    Relate daily activities to the developmental needs, engagement strategies, and behavioral consideration specific to infants, toddlers and their families.
  • Learning Objectives »
    Methods of documentation are included to make it easy for teachers, directors and parents to chart their children’s development.
  • Staff Meeting Agendas and Supply Lists »
    Make it easy to plan, prepare and meet the needs of the classroom.

Parent tips are sent home with homework packets

For Parents

For Directors

Directors of childcare centers use PLAYbook to stay organized