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Teach Your Child To Say Thank You

Uncategorized - drrose - January 10, 2017

Holidays and birthdays are a fertile training ground and opportunity for practicing manners. As we exit the season of gift giving, many parents are left wondering if their children missed a few lessons. Saying “please” and “thank-you” are essential social skills but children don’t always use these niceties.

The authors of the book, Making Habits, Breaking Habits: Why We Do Things, Why We Don’t, and How to Make Any Change Stick, conclude that based on science, “deliberate practice” and persistence create the habit. In the language of parenting – gentle reminders, consistent practice, and supportive suggestions help your children learn how and when to respond. And, because children are continuously developing, so too must our teaching. Continue Reading

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How To Get Children To Listen

Uncategorized - Dr. Terrie Rose - November 18, 2016

The parents of four-year-old Brandon are struggling. He doesn’t follow the rules, is uncooperative and distractible. Their main complaint is that Brandon doesn’t listen.


During the day, Brandon’s mom, who is at home with him and his 9-month-old sister, is exhausted. She can’t seem to get Brandon to do anything that he doesn’t want to do. When she threatens to “call dad” or put Brandon in time-out, he laughs. Some days it is just easier to let Brandon do what he wants.

At the family dinner table, Brandon won’t sit at the table for more than minutes at a time. Bedtime is a disaster. He wants to do one more thing rather than go to bed. Dad just has to get tough with him to get Brandon to listen.

“Why can’t you just listen?” reflects the frustration and resonates the sense of failure for the parents and for the child. Continue Reading

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Can Children Afford the Price of Childcare?

Uncategorized - Dr. Terrie Rose - October 11, 2016

photo-childcareMy daughter mentioned a CNN report that quoted childcare costs as the same as college tuition. It sounded alarming to her. As a young professional, she was beginning to calculate the costs of raising a family. Putting her child through college, as a 6-week-old, sounded daunting.

Childcare is also getting attention on the Presidential campaign trails, as candidates hope to appeal to the 70% of mothers in the workforce, 40% who are primary wage earners. Both candidates intend to make childcare more affordable. With childcare on each candidate’s agenda, do we know what we are getting for our money? And, is the cost comparison between childcare and college fair?

As reported, the national average costs for college and childcare are similar, each a little over 9K. And, childcare and college education do share a few other commonalities: Continue Reading

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