Be Emotionally Ready

The core of building emotional readiness is that caring adults understand and believe that the accumulated experience between adult and child are central to the baby’s development.

What does engaging easily in positive relationships look like?

  • Warm, loving and nurturing relationships comes naturally to you.
  • You have a clear understanding of what it means to be in a relationship in which another makes you feel happy, secure and supportive.
  • You have an easy time staying connected to others without worry.
  • You experience calm security when in positive relationships.

Childcare provider at preschool  center

What does practicing empathy look like?

  • You prioritize the well-being of others, particularly those close to you.
  • You are able to be supportive and loving, no matter what.
  • You are able to act in ways that contribute to positive change.
  • You want to help others because you can imagine your self in their shoes and feel what they feel.
  • Empathy helps you manage your emotions and solve problems.
  • You make discoveries by seeing from another’s point of view.
  • You use empathy to better understand others.

What does it mean to manage emotions?

  • You have the ability to communicate your own needs and feelings.
  • You are comfortable expressing a full range of feelings and can think of settings or situations in which you are joyful, fearful, interested, disgusted, surprised, laughter.
  • You have strategies to cheer yourself up or calm yourself down.
  • You are able to recognize emotions in others and help them manage their feelings.
  • You believe in your own ability to overcome negative feelings.
  • You are able to keep humorous reactions in check reflecting the situation.
  • You have the ability the make yourself feel better for the sake of your relationships with others.

Do you love learning?

  • You have an open curiosity.
  • You like practicing activities and skills.
  • You look for new ways to do favorite activities.
  • You can become involved in what you are doing.
  • You are open to new challenges.
  • You have activities and interests that are special to you.
  • You can identify how you learn.